Friday, August 8, 2008

Current Stats: 73 Articles Published

I'm slowly increasing the number of articles published by Triond. I go in writing spurts, so I'm not very consistent in how much or how often I write. The summer has been rough with a full time job and now getting ready to head back to school. I'm looking at my workload just for the classes I'll be taking and there may not be much time for Triond writing. It's going to be hectic and I don't even know what my teaching schedule is yet, however, I've been told I could have up to 100 students.

If I don't post a new article until Dec., you'll know why.


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Karen Lovett said...

Hang in there!! As a former older college student, I can tell you that there were days that I thought I would never do what was necessary. Most of them, I didn't. But the important thing is that I got through it and I graduated with honors. I'm 43 with three children and three grandchildren. My youngest two are still at home and are sports nuts. I can definitely relate to your stress.

But it will be worth it!! Keep writing whenever you have a few minutes to spare.
K D Lovett